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Car batteries are a necessary element of a car’s engine, but what does it do? What can you do if it fails?

When you need to buy a car battery, it can become a hurdle – the difference in battery sizes and power ratings, not knowing if your old one is rechargeable, safety concerns about leaky batteries and so much more. But these are some of the different challenges that this article addresses, So read this guide attentively to save yourself the stress time, and money!

An employee carrying out electrical diagnosis on a client’s vehicle at the emporium


Car batteries provide the power to run your car – From starting up and maintaining all of the systems that keep it running. Its main purpose is to provide an electric current to the vehicle. It sends power from the starter motor to the sparks plugs, igniting your car’s fuel, while also giving other systems power.


A car battery is designated to store electrical energy and power which is needed to make the starter ignite and will keep your vehicles running. If you’re thinking about opting for a new or used car, one important hurdle to clear is whether or not your chosen vehicle has an appropriate battery installed to meet the needs of the engine. Likewise, If you want to replace your vehicle’s battery, you want to ensure that the battery you are replacing with meets the power voltage requirements of the vehicle.


It’s not uncommon for a battery to fail when an alternator stops working. This happens because when the battery is completely drained, its effect is reduced sooner than expected. You should endeavor to test the charging system of your vehicle and the battery capacity using a multimeter tester. If it is the case that the charging system test shows you that the alternator is okay, but the battery is not working effectively, the battery should be replaced but before you buy any battery, here is what you need to know and if the results of the multimeter test indicate otherwise or if the alternator is suspected of having an intermittent problem, then the alternator should be replaced to avoid future damages.

NB: multimeter reading of below 12 KVs shows that the battery is functioning below par/


The electrolyte (the watery liquid) also called acid, in a battery is corrosive and can burn skin or eyes, eat holes in clothing, or even corrode a concrete floor. Batteries emit hydrogen gas, which is flammable. It ignites easily and can cause a fire or explosion if allowed to accumulate in a small area. Knowing the imminent danger this poses, as can be seen during an event of sparks fly due to jumper cables that are attached to a car battery. For this reason and other dangerous occurrences, it is advised that you contact your battery service provider immediately you notice this default with your car battery.


There are many factors to consider and choices to make when you want to purchase a new car battery, but with all the different battery sizes, specifications, and types on the market it can be hard to tell what’s actually worth spending your money on. But don’t worry! Dimaps battery has all the information you need in order to find an affordable car battery without jeopardizing the performance of your car.

Find in the below table the appropriate battery for your vehicle

36ahHonda city
45ahHonda city, Honda crv, Toyota Yaris
62ahToyota matrix, Honda bulldog, corolla
75ahToyota Rav 4, Honda element, Honda pilot
75ahNissan Quest, Sienna,kia cerrato,lexus370
80ahToyota 4 runner, infinity jeep, Lexus 570
90ahHummer jeep, Toyota land cruiser
100ah     Mercedes Benz E350, C350, Range Rover sport

FIG: Table showing few car brands and their recommended car battery sizes


We showed you some of the best ways to maintain your car batteries and how to avoid damages, as well as best batteries to replace on your vehicle. Still of you have further questions or needs, feel free to get in touch, we are here to serve you.

Dimaps battery is a company that deals with sales and installation of car batteries. In addition to this, we perform electrical diagnosis on all vehicles, offer suggestions on the best possible replacement for your car battery, and help you make the best battery buying decision. We have been in operation since 1971 and have serviced thousands of customers, big and small.


How to Jump-start a car or Mikano Generator

You might find yourself in a situation where your car battery or generator battery needs a jump-start. Well, you are in luck because, in this post, I will show you how to do just that. In a situation where your battery can’t power on the engine, and you need immediate use, your saving grace will likely be a jump-start. If that is your current situation, don’t panic as I will show you how to get power restored to your car or house while waiting to get a replacement battery within a few minutes.

Jumpstart battery

Why jump-start a battery

Before I get into the tutorial, let me show you an example situation where the battery may need jumpstarting. The primary reason to jumpstart a generator battery or any engine’s battery would be because your battery’s cells might have drained or got damaged. Hence, the need for a replacement or for the immediate, jumpstarting. Maybe because there is an important television show you want to watch or a live meeting that you wouldn’t like to miss. Whatever the reason, the below solution will serve you.

jumpstart battery
Battery Jumpstart

Just ensure there is a spare battery available for this immediate cause because you will definitely need it. This may be the battery from your other vehicle or the one you will borrow from a neighbor or any vehicle owner nearby. And don’t bother about depriving the neighbor of their battery’s use, you will be needing it only for a few minutes.

Now that you have a battery available, here are all the steps you need to follow in jumpstarting the generator:

  1. Put the 2nd battery in a place where you can easily attach a jumpstart cable to it and the main generator battery.
  2. Place the cable on the positive terminal of the main battery on one end and on the positive terminal of the 2nd battery on the other end firmly.
  3. Now, crank the engine as you would normally do to start it.
  4. When the engine has powered up and is steaming for about 5 minutes, detach the cable from the main battery and leave the generator to run on its main battery only.

If the battery is not faulty, chances are that it will start on its own without needing jumpstarting next time. But if the battery still can’t crank the engine, you should take it to the professionals for a recharge, or replacement.

Dimaps delivery guy
Dimaps Battery delivery team

Need a Quick Jump Start?

We offer battery jump-start service to our customers. If you are in Abuja or Lagos and environs, consider calling on us to provide you with a replacement battery. At Dimaps battery, we are renowned for excellent service and the quality of our batteries. We also offer home delivery service, so you don’t have to worry about coming to the store yourself. Our delivery team is super fast and

Kindly call us now to inquire how we can be of urgent help.

buy battery

Before you buy a battery online, read this guide

Online transactions are the new normal in 2021 and beyond. Shopping for items like a car battery and solar panels in Nigeria online is not an exception. Especially in the time of the Coronavirus pandemic.

buy battery
before you buy battery online

In this article, I will show you all you need to know before you go online to buy a battery for your vehicle. This article will also help you a great deal in shopping for other online products too.

This article is broken down under these heading:

So feel free to jump to any part of the post that you like. That being said, lets dive in.

Where to buy from

When it comes to buying car batteries in Nigeria, there are two 2 obvious choices: to either buy from a physical store/location or to buy a battery online from an eCommerce store. The choice you pick will depend on your circumstances. If you won’t mind going to the physical store to pick the battery, shopping in a physical store will be a good alternative. But if you prefer to receive your order in your location, online stores like Konga, Jumia, and Jiji, etc. are your go-to alternatives.

If you are ordering a battery online, there are factors to consider including; integrity and review rating of the store. If a store has a ranking that is close to 5-star rating, the better.

NB: Dimaps shops including the ones on Konga and Jiji stores that have been rated over 4.5 by reviewers who have shopped with us. Also, our riders make it possible for us to deliver our quality products speedily at no additional cost.

Dimaps Battery rating

However, the most interesting thing about buying with Dimaps is the quality of service. Our technicians don’t just sell the battery and go away. We inspect the entire electronics system of your vehicle before putting making the battery sale.

Best Payment and delivery medium

The most prominent method of paying for online services in Nigeria is card payment. Sometimes you will have the option to pay cash on delivery. Always ensure that a website is secure before inputting your card details.

We at Dimaps use a secure payment gateway in addition to our secured website. We have partnered with Flutterwave to securely handle your payments. There are few companies offering pay on delivery. Often times than not, the available payment option is payment before delivery. At Dimaps, our riders can deliver to your location, and We accept payment on delivery.

Battery Delivery
Rider from Dimaps delivering battery

What to avoid

Online selling and buying is the new normal and it is possible for fraudsters to take advantage of online shoppers. Avoid paying on websites that are less secure (non-HTTPS). Also always make sure you buy from shops that you are familiar with, and shops that have a good review/rating. To help you find examples of shops with a good rating, Dimaps group for instance have been serving its customers since 1971. So you are guaranteed of quality and transparency. We also have shops on eCommerce stores like Jumia and Jiji.

The best battery for my car

Having known what you need to know before buying a vehicle battery or an inverter battery, the next obvious question will be what kind of battery is suitable for your vehicle or power generator and inverter. And this is my advice:

Consult with your auto mechanic or an electrician to know which battery capacity is best for your car. Generally, a battery capacity of 12v 45ah, 12v 62ah, 12v 75ah, 12v 100ah will serve cars, and for trucks: 12v 120ah, 12v 150ah, 12v 200ah is suitable for inverters and trucks.

order battery to your location
Call us. We deliver everywhere in Lagos

If you want to know more about choosing a suitable battery, talk to us on 0813 955 0056 and our electrician will guide you on what to do. You can also visit our Ikeja Office or the Ajah office on the Lekki-Epe expressway in Lagos. For online shopping and home, delivery Visit our website here.

Wrapping up

If you are looking to make an online transaction, then, there are things you should first know. And if you want to buy batteries or solar systems then, you clearly see why you should shop with Dimaps stores, we assure you of quality, speed, and convenience. You can visit our store here.

For questions and inquiry, visit our contact page or hit us on social media.