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How to Jump-start a car or Mikano Generator


How to Jump-start a car or Mikano Generator

You might find yourself in a situation where your car battery or generator battery needs a jump-start. Well, you are in luck because, in this post, I will show you how to do just that. In a situation where your battery can’t power on the engine, and you need immediate use, your saving grace will likely be a jump-start. If that is your current situation, don’t panic as I will show you how to get power restored to your car or house while waiting to get a replacement battery within a few minutes.

Jumpstart battery

Why jump-start a battery

Before I get into the tutorial, let me show you an example situation where the battery may need jumpstarting. The primary reason to jumpstart a generator battery or any engine’s battery would be because your battery’s cells might have drained or got damaged. Hence, the need for a replacement or for the immediate, jumpstarting. Maybe because there is an important television show you want to watch or a live meeting that you wouldn’t like to miss. Whatever the reason, the below solution will serve you.

jumpstart battery
Battery Jumpstart

Just ensure there is a spare battery available for this immediate cause because you will definitely need it. This may be the battery from your other vehicle or the one you will borrow from a neighbor or any vehicle owner nearby. And don’t bother about depriving the neighbor of their battery’s use, you will be needing it only for a few minutes.

Now that you have a battery available, here are all the steps you need to follow in jumpstarting the generator:

  1. Put the 2nd battery in a place where you can easily attach a jumpstart cable to it and the main generator battery.
  2. Place the cable on the positive terminal of the main battery on one end and on the positive terminal of the 2nd battery on the other end firmly.
  3. Now, crank the engine as you would normally do to start it.
  4. When the engine has powered up and is steaming for about 5 minutes, detach the cable from the main battery and leave the generator to run on its main battery only.

If the battery is not faulty, chances are that it will start on its own without needing jumpstarting next time. But if the battery still can’t crank the engine, you should take it to the professionals for a recharge, or replacement.

Dimaps delivery guy
Dimaps Battery delivery team

Need a Quick Jump Start?

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